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Ashley Hosker-Field

Project Lead / Professor at Humber

Dr. Ashley Hosker-Field has considerable experience with all stages of the empirical research process. She spearheaded the initial development and design of several empirical research studies and is familiar with research related ethical guidelines and requirements. She has extensive training with respect to participant recruitment, and data collection, entry, and analysis. More specifically, she has extensive experience utilizing statistical software packages such as SPSS and AMOS and has completed courses in research methods and data analysis, multivariate statistics, and structural equation modelling.

Dr. Hosker-Field has employed a number of statistical techniques, including, but not limited to missing values analysis, reliability analysis, correlational analyses, hierarchical multiple regression, logistic regression, and path analysis.

Role: Dr. Hosker-Field will advise the team on creation of our survey instrument and recruitment plan, and lead the analysis of quantitative data throughout the project. She will assist in training research assistants.

Ashley Hosker-Field
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