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Marilyn Cresswell

Project Lead / Professor at Humber

Professor Marilyn A. Cresswell brings a strong set of communications, project management, and research skills to the team. Over her extensive professional career in marketing and education, Professor Cresswell has worked on projects with industry partners and understands how to incorporate external industry partners into the culture at Humber.

Professor Cresswell is a champion of experiential student learning and has facilitated many projects internally and externally. Marilyn is a recognized expert in Strategic Branding, marketing, & advertising in the ever changing digital landscape. Marilyn holds an MBA from McMaster University.

Role: Professor Cresswell will oversee the training and work of the research assistants coming from the FMCA programs at Humber College, and take a leadership role in developing the new public education materials at the heart of this project. She will oversee production schedules and ensure we have access to the right equipment, facilities, and students to complete our production plans.

Prof. Cresswell has worked on previous harm reduction messaging/programs through the Ontario Chiefs of Police initiative on a fentanyl campaign as well as many NFP campaigns through the Humber AdCentre (now called Building F). Marilyn is also is the Chair of AVWS, an Ontario wildlife sanctuary. For more info or to connect please reach out on LInkedIn.

Marilyn Cresswell
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